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It restores lost proteins, by infusing moisture into the cortex undoing the damage caused by chemicals, thermal appliances, and the environment. It’s an all-in-one therapeutic solution to revitalized hair. Perfect for transitioning from chemically treated to natural hair.

* Promotes Hair Growth
* Repairs Damage Cuticles
* Provides Greater Elasticity
* Infused with Jojoba and Argon Oil
* Hair Therapeutic

LE’ HOST HAIR & WIGS WRAP & SET FOAMING LOTION; making you fall in love with its ability to moisturize, nourish and strengthen stressed fragile hair during wet-styling! want to create smooth wraps, wet sets, and molds without frizz and flaking. Mold, Wrap, & Set With Confidence…

* Wraps
* Waves
* Scrunches
* Soft Sets
* Rodding
* Fast-drying
* Non-flaking
* Hydrating & Conditioning
* Alcohol-Free

This Leave-Conditioner/Detangler is designed for ALL hair types, It has an advanced cuticle coating effect that allows the hair to stay hydrated. Immediately stops hair breakage and promotes hair growth.

Made for anyone whose hair gets poofy or frizzy when dry. Color-treated hair, or over-processed hair. After a workout to reboot style. Anyone who wakes up with messy hair. ,

LE’ HOST HAIR & WIGS HEALTHY EDGE SMOOTHER quickly absorb into your hair, replenishing and restoring hair’s natural moisture balance, which gets depleted by color chemicals and heat styling. Immediately, your hair strands have renewed suppleness, elasticity, and a tighter, smoother, glossy cuticle surface.

* Absorbs quickly with no oily residue
* Nourishes and hydrates while providing     a strong and pliable hold
* Water-soluble and non-greasy
* Perfect for men and women

A super moisturizing system of mild cleansing agents and conditioners that restore hair essential moisture to its optimum level then locks it in. Humectants add pliability and flexibility, panthenol and keratin protein add softness and gloss. Hair will be more manageable, fuller, and shinier with every use.

* Adds Body
* Adds Shine
* Adds softness
* Repairs Damage
* Manageability

Instant shine that keeps your hair polished and healthy. This unique laminate smoothens frizzy or dry ends with a brilliant sheen. It eliminated static, protects hair color, guards against sun damage, and can be used on wet or dry hair.

* Controls frizz
* Adds incredible shine
* Protects the cuticle from heat
* Deodorizes hair
* Locks out humidity



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